Back and Neck Pain Treatment in Peoria, IL
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Back and Neck Pain Treatment in Peoria, IL

Back and Neck Pain Treatment in Peoria, IL: The long-term stress of poor posture will often lead to tension in the back and neck. Neck pain can be extremely debilitating and at Hishon Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we help our patients to reduce tension and inflammation with spinal manipulation and lifestyle modifications. Of course, we also treat neck pain due to injuries, including whiplash from car accidents and inflammation after bad falls.

Back pain relief without drugs or surgery

Back pain is one of the most common complaints expressed by our patients. Whether caused by years of heavy lifting or a isolated accident or fall, we will find the non-invasive treatments that will give our patients the best long term relief.

Muscle strengthening exercises help train your core to support your weight more evenly, and spinal manipulations and adjustments are all-natural ways to restore proper alignment and relieve inflammation.  In addition to chiropractic adjustments we utilize several other non-invasive therapies to help our patients who suffer from back pain.  These include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Advanced Non-Surgical Spinal Disc Decompression
  • Chiropractic Massage
  • Cold Laser Therapy

Neck pain relief at our chiropractic center in Peoria, IL

Neck pain can stem from a variety of situations and problems. It may relate to whiplash (auto accident injury), poor posture, or perhaps the way the patient sleeps throughout the night. Depending on the cause of the pain and the areas impacted by the discomfort, the exact treatments may vary.

The specific solutions to effective neck pain treatment depend on the underlying cause of discomfort. At Hishon Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Dr. Hishon and his team are specifically trained to determine what is causing the neck pain and provide a personalized treatment plan that works.

How chiropractic care can help patients with back and neck pain

When the spine is improperly aligned it can lead to pain and discomfort. Over time, it may worsen into due to the pressure on your head or the gradual increase of pressure on specific points in the neck and spine. Chiropractic adjustments help to reduce the pressure on your spine and improve the alignment of the neck and head. We focus on helping your body heal and recover through natural solutions. We may also recommend stretches and exercises, as well as ways to improve your posture, to help with the healing process.

Treatment plans are developed on a personalized basis based on the discomfort and potential complications associated with the injuries or compression to the neck and spine.

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