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Integrative Medical Care in Peoria, IL

Integrative Medical Care in Peoria, IL: At Hishon Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Dr. Heath W. Hishon and his staff take a holistic approach to analyzing and diagnosing pain an injury that each patient may have. This unique approach to health care and wellness allows our patients to achieve optimal health and healing.

Healthy living is made of many components and having a doctor who understands integrative medicine can help patients to understand and heal their bodies better.

Heal the body, mind, and spirit

Combining both alternative therapies and Western medicine, integrative medicine includes treatments such as hernabl medicine, acupuncture and nutritional wellness.

Alternative medicine has been gaining popularity and studies have proven their effectiveness in patients that sometimes cannot get the results they need through traditional western approaches. By combining these therapies, the best of both worlds can be achieved and each patient will have specific programs catered to varying needs.

Benefits of integrative medicine

  • Targets the cause of the pain or symptoms
  • Patient-centric form of treatment
  • Step-by-step healing approach
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Possible chronic pain relief

Why to seek an integrative medicine practitioner

From the integrative physician’s standpoint, the goal and art of practice is to figure out the most non-invasive way to bring relief and prevent re occurrence. This type of practitioner does not shape their therapy based on a diagnosis but rather seeks to understand the pattern of the client’s complaint within the fuller framework of his or her life.

Our integrative approach to medicine, allows Dr. Hishon to treat the patient as a whole rather than a set a symptoms.  This benefits the patient with long term health and wellness rather than a “quick fix” of the condition.

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